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    PIR Seeking Solutions

    Welcome to Peoples Internet Radio

    The purpose of this site is to educate and inform, as many people as possible, regarding the simple truth. THAT WE THE PEOPLE ARE SOVEREIGN, (singularly and collectively) Many will have no need for an explanation of the above statement, but others will. It is those others that this website intends to inform, educate and to help clarify that simple Truth. You (Obviously) had no hand act or part in the pre-existing "Legal-Rules" or otherwise, established on Earth by those that came before you (Yes, it's that simple). This fact can in no way obligate you to participate or be bound by those "Rules" Legal or otherwise, unless You choose to be so bound, and that it is entirely up to you to decide, even if in the past you have bound yourself, to untie those bonds, & it is solely at your discretion. Many it seems are not aware of this simple Truth. Here at the people's internet radio, we feel it's essential that you think about this, and realize that there could be no other possibility.


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    Family issues, Home Schooling, Health, etc.

    Some posts may cross pollinate other forums please copy and paste and relevant information if needed.

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    Profile IconLeslie Peters RN, choco and At joined Peoples Internet Radio
    3 hours ago
    j j replied to j j's discussion for vin
    "thank you diarmaid"
    diarmaid O Seigefride replied to j j's discussion for vin
    "I myself am not in the same legal eagle mind as  Vince but having listened to many of his material and material from others who  explain this legal stuff it requires best as I can tell  understanding of the words each word and the…"
    j j replied to j j's discussion for vin
    diarmaid O Seigefride replied to j j's discussion for vin
    "Can you post up copy for the rest of us you can black out names  adress etc just to know what is in the pipe line"
    James Wesley is now a member of Peoples Internet Radio
    Doolander commented on Vin B Sunday's video

    Testing Flattards - Part 1

    "We appear to live on a stationary plane. I work in as a surveyor, I work with levels every other day. Civil engineering considers not curvature, even on marine or waterways projects. Its all measured off a water level, or height above or…"
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