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Solutions Alphabet

A for Acceptance that I find in here

B for Bravery to eradicate fear

C for Compassion in each others lives

D for Duty to find solutions to strife

E for Ending wars that do no man good

F for Fearless to be Free as we should

G for Generosity to others in need

H for Honour and Honesty not just a creed

I for Integrity that man must stand in

J for Jocular Passivity if we are ever to win

K for Kindness much needed today

L for Love the essence and surely the way

M for Meaning in how we interact

N for Nature and Nurture, both crucial that is a fact

O for Open in mind to hear what is real

P for Passivity in healing the way that we feel

Q for Questioning our responsibility

R for Rights to suffer no harm, loss or injury

S for Solutions starting with self

T for Truth that leads me to delve

U for Uniqueness of each man and woman on earth

V for Vitality of joy and mirth

W for Warmth in all that we do

X for Xenial as you would have done unto you

Y for Youthful, keep in touch with our young

Z for Zany, remember the need to have fun.

With love and thanks to all on this site for being part of my soul’s journey xxx

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