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So you are sitting in your Dwelling minding your own beeswax as the saying goes...
Perhaps pondering on what it means to live in peace... and what peaceful enjoyment might mean... When all of a sudden KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK .... You are not expecting anyone so you go look to see what is going on.

You see an individual that you do not recognize... they are not close Family. They are not a Neighbor who are they that feels they can disturb your peace ?

Then they begin to speak... It turns out they are an uninvited corporate agent seeking to engage in a business contract of some sort.
If you are like me and you have had enough of this every more common encroachment upon your private life... Is there anything you can do ?

Well, call it an experiment if you wish call it constitutional rights enforcement if you like. Call it a legal process to define your private boundaries maybe, but is it a good idea ?
Will it be effective ? Is it morally correct ? Please chip in with your responses and reactions... Please keep your responses on topic... :-)
So you write out a little email or letter along the lines of the one below (Not a final draft) What if they don't cough up ?
What f they do ?... What if, What if, What if ?

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Comment by Del Amitrius on August 4, 2017 at 12:06
It re dresses an increasingly common problem. To disturb ones peace, in the dwelling, is undoubtedly a trespass. Such, is either redressed by 'argy-bargy' at the door, or, as the old people used to say 'drop me a few lines'.
Comment by timfromtang on August 4, 2017 at 9:50

An interesting one alright althouh perhaps it amounts to poking crocodiles with sticks to a degree.
How about a "by appointment only" notice on your door?

Comment by diarmaid O Seigefride on August 3, 2017 at 23:06


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