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How to keep your sanity with facts and logic.

Are you living your life with the threat of Eviction looming over your head?

If so then you need to know How to keep your sanity with facts and logic.
Sometimes the best help, is self help. So lets get into it.

(Some of these may seem a little obvious to you , but to people under pressure especially from the fear of eviction I can assure you, it is not)

  1. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT!...  You are not the one that made the decisions that derailed the economy. You just like the other 100,000. Yes one hundred thousand others, that are dealing with Mortgage issues DID NOT DO THIS. Firstly, examine any court papers sent to you, and look for the parts where the Bank seeks possession pursuant to, or under this act or that act.

  1.  When the Bank seeks anything from the Court 'pursuant to' this or that, they could have it granted to them. Unless you have responded to this exact part of their affidavit point by point.
  2. Responding to the Banks Affidavit point by point is way easier than you might imagine. Doing so may help you gain a better understanding of exactly how the Court will view your position. Becoming part of a group will assist you especially as you may not be able to afford a solicitor. 
  3. Read through any paper work sent to you by the Banks with a friend present, or as part of a group where possible, that will be supportive of you and your position. 
  4. To respond point by point, read the banks parts one at a time and write a response to it. Even if you are unsure just write unsure about point .5 etc.
  5. Doing this will let you know and anyone trying to help you, how much you understand about what is going on.
  6. Be honest if you don't know say so. Knowing exactly what you do or do not know is very important . Once you don't know something the group can assist you in understanding. It will also benefit the group.
  7. Obviously, on Peoples Internet Radio we generally feel that the Official Offer process is the way to go when it comes to dealing with banks. Other groups may not agree with this and may put forward arguments to you to cease paying the Mortgage, even if you have been making small 'part payments'. We can NOT STRESS STRONGLY ENOUGH HOW BAD AN IDEA WE THINK THAT IS. If you can afford to pay then KEEP PAYING. After all you have been paying for x number of years... Ask yourself how could it possibly harm you to keep paying what you can afford?
  8. Logic says that you entered into a contract that you intended on completing. You may not have fully understood it, but you did enter into it. Accepting this will help you to resolve the outstanding issues. Attempting to convince a Court that the Bank was Fraudulent/Conned you etc. Will not be tolerated by the Court and will land you in it, BIG TIME. 
  9. The Courts are simply based on what to do when the rules governing Contract Law are broken by those in contract with each other. These are not as difficult to understand as you might think.
  10.  This might seem like a strange thing to say, but what the Bank puts forward as it's Strength is actually also it's weakness. If a Bank makes a claim pursuant to x or y if you can show the court that x or y is not applicable and provide a simple reason for this the Bank will fail... 
  11. The Courts do not need a complicated reason to protect you and your constitutional rights. A simple one will be more powerful. Seek a simple solution.
  12. One Man or Woman can make a difference. We in Ireland have seen this many times. In Law simple cases can be responsible for making case Law. Foakes V Beer was a small case that had huge implications. As long as you have always tried to do your best to pay. The system should not seek to destroy you. 
  13. The Courts and the Banks are not capable of Feeling only you are. So keep your feelings for yourself and your Family and Friends. Bringing emotional arguments into a court will only be detrimental to your case.

It's late now and I need to get some shut eye... I'll discuss this on the Radio at 9pm Sunday Night 27/11/2016 ... ;

Kind regards Vin

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