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Ireland's 'Book Burning, video blocking, foul mouth Fema-nazi' Fiona O'Leary to address EU.

Ireland's English Born 'Book Burning', 'Video Blocker', 'Foul Mouthed', Anti-Scientific', 'Fema-Nazi' asked by 'Sense about Science' Founded in 2001 by Bilderberg Steering Committee member Dick Taverne to Address the EU (Perhaps by address they mean talk emotive non scientific fact lacking drivel) They will of course take her words very seriously and yours and everyone else's that do not suit their agenda will be discarded.

This is what has replaced reasoned discussion and investigation into Health and well being. Fear mongering, hate porn, finger pointing by the Witch finder General.

This Woman whom also tells us she is on the Autism spectrum seems to hold such delusional notions that somehow because she vaxxed her children SOME OF WHOM ARE AUTISTIC that everything is okay.

I mean after all it can't have been her decision to Vaccinate based on scant information that caused the damage to her children, Can it now ?

UPDATE :- Fiona O'Leary says her children were Autistic before they were vaccinated. (I'm taking her at her word, so I withdraw the above comment) I will leave it there for transparency purposes. I would also add that there are many parents that do say their children were not showing any signs of Autism prior to vaccinations and soon after they did. Those parents have expressed their voices on this topic in the movie VAXXED that Fiona O'Leary does not want you to see and in fact has gone through with a physical attempt to block it's showing at an Irish venue. Those same parents have expressed their fear that they may have been inadvertently responsible for their children's condition due to their Blind Trust in the existing system yet through no other fault of their own making.

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Comment by sd on June 22, 2017 at 14:19

How does it feel to be a part of this sorcery?

Comment by sd on June 20, 2017 at 0:03

More like an embalmed mummy than a mum.

Comment by eddie powell on June 19, 2017 at 20:25
just had quite a arguement with this person that had no backup to anything i asked who does she even think she is to have a voice for what she states with zero proof

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