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When we are fresh from our Mothers Womb... :-) No one knows what we would like to be called.... Our Mother and Father agree that they will call us by this or that and over time we acknowledge that sound as being them calling us... (Notice I have not used the term NAME) It is a Calling they use.... and one that if they use we recognize... We do not have to of course if Mother of Father at some stage displease us (For whatever reason.. putting the Milk on the Weetabix before the sugar for example or vice versa) We can withdraw recognition from them and deny access to our countenance until we feel sufficiently placated by their submissions.... ;-) 
Many People have confused this state of affairs with a NAME... or Having a Name... mostly due to so called State employees telling us that what we were called by as a youngster (As no one knew what we would like to be called) was 'OUR NAME' ... our parents also forgot it seems along with the CHURCH ! ! ! .... What now, Vin ? ? The CHURCH ?.... YUP 
Okay I'll keep typing... You see at a certain age the Church has ceremonies Baptism (Where you get the use of or are 'Given' a Name {Really it's what they are gonna call you }) ..... IT IS NOT YOUR NAME ! ! ! !

At Communion you get a little more info about whats what etc... and you don't pay a whole lot of attention to it of course as you are waiting for the starters orders to get out 'Collecting a few Bob '... I hear you ;-)

Then the Biggie ... As you (More than likely) hit Puberty the BIG ONE COMES ALONG.... CONFIRMATION ! ! ! ... DAN DAN DANNNNNNN ..... 
So what I hear you say ... Big deal ... and yes it is ... It is a big deal ... in fact it's a very big deal .... IT'S when you get to decide What it is you are to be Called by .... WHA? ... Yup ... You are a Man/Woman according to the Church and you get to Pick what it is you will recognize as your Name in the Church... Most of us probably don't even recall it ... Mine was Patrick ... If I have an issue lets say with a Priest (Which are Civilly dead, look that up) If I want to address it I must use that Name and I must use it under Cannon Law... not Civil Law..... That is why (In my humble opinion) those that suffered Clerical abuse got little or no satisfaction.... Anyway a bit to think on folks ... There is a lot more to this obviously regarding Banking the Constitution and Civil matters versus the common law etc... Over time I'll probably type them out as I think of them :-) 
Kind regards as always Vin

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I see you were up to the wee hours of the morning to post this one at 10 past 2  ha ha

Anyway My understanding of the issues is the not only is the Priest of the Church Civilly dead but we too are Civilly dead after 7 years of age as we did not notify the authorities we are living being  so as dead entities we cannot have  any  rights ( feel free to correct me if i got the wrong end of the stick yet again ) .

My understanding is if the so called claimed authorities choose to put me in front of some official who asks me am I citizen of Ireland ( any country like USA or France ) and I  as your typical ding bat reply yes  then I set of chain of bad events for my self .A citizen is the lowwest form of of unpaid worker in the civil service and I am claiming to be a civil servant of lowest status .In return for this civilian status I get protection from the enemy forces of the state from the army  and the Police but on the states  terms .I have to pay tax to the state   and allow the state that supplies the citizen status the right to interfere in all aspects of my life and business. I need the state permission with a license to marry to drive and must send my kids to their state brain washing machines such as schools  . Being a citizen is sorta like joining the biggest Mafia the State mafia  .If the police or church or any other approved state body decides to rob kill or injure me I have no recourse as I am the lowest form of civilly dead form of entity in the state system and any higher status civil service such as police or army or judges  has the right to dispose of me in way they may see fit . Why would anybody care less what happens to dead entity body it has no life force to object is their logic best I can figure   .Confirmation is best I can see a side show where I confirmed my dead entity status to one set of laws the cannon  laws . The real show is where i did not at 7 years old stop them declaring me a dead entity in the state citizen status system .Maybe i got the picture wrong enlighten me if you have time



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