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REFLECTIVE LAW exists some 30 years or more and its worse than normal law its a sorta quasi law that has no legal structure but does have punitive effects

REFLECTIVE LAW exists some 30 years or more and its worse than normal law its a sorta quasi law that has no legal structure but does have punitive effects

The article LINK  below explains Reflective Law

Its basically   a communist agenda type fake law that the elite un-elected and their Hench men in governments and UN and EU all use to create the Communist CONSENSUS  (minus the US its all for them and non for you)

Government tend to operate and make HARD law such as common law, statue law's Admiltary law's , Administrative law's, and bye laws .

These hard laws you kill somebody jail time, break the speed limit a fine , Dont pay a bill  suffer financial penalty , walk on the grass in Stephens green when its no walk on the grass sign and  suffer some effect . Action reaction legal solution  all coded and judge or jury or both  or pretend Judge .  Very precision derived written laws .

Reflective law is different there is Judge no Jury no court no legal written contract and no defense is possible to refute the Allegations

It is basically a soft often unwritten voluntary agreement called LAW  to strive to meet some future consensus target and  agenda .

All parties agree to aim for the target and police each other and name and shame those who drift of the agreed agenda .

However the real agenda is the agreed target will often change with time cultural needs new  requirements and new  targets

These new targets will often be chosen by un-elected elite that invented the original targets to achieve their end game agenda .

Often the original targets are half way house targets and hidden agenda to steer towards some very harsh agenda that nobody would ever agree to in the beginning

The idea is  given time and  threats and other devious methods the people can be eventually beaten into submission to accept the new harsher targets and hidden agenda

Those who invent the agenda get to steer and control the agenda .

Later the targets are no longer voluntary and they will often use threats  and name and shame and implement punitive effects like boycotts and sanctions to those that drift away from the original or newer harsher to achieve targets .

The article shows that Obamination used the Reflective law methods  to bring the USA to agree to the communist run UN agenda the Climate Change targets .

Using this Trojan horse quasi legal system we see  how it works when the entire EU and China turn against Trump when he rejects the same UN climate Change targets .

The main agenda of the Climate change presently is to cut CO2  emissions.

In time the agenda will demand countries like USA nd the EU will divert fund to poor third  world regions to help them cut their emissions .

Later then only the elite will be allowed to create any CO2 .

All the great unwashed peoples will have to live in micro apartments ,cycle bikes if they are high in the food chain If not high up the food chain then only walking is allowed and even that can be removed as it will be privilege to do any action that makes CO2 . There will be heavy tax for the 5 kilos of CO2 each human makes .Its not a tax on Breathing it is tax on what they the elite  will claim is CO2 pollution as defined by their Reflective LAW  .There will be no CO@ made to make  heating.NO CO allowed no cars no bus or train or no children without breeding license for the peasants .It will become the new technological feudal type system under a UN control ed one world communist government with only the small elite in charge .


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