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Presedent of the Royal Oireachtas to lobby UN to make EIRE a menmber of the securty cousnil complaint letter sent to day

The globalist made EIRE JOIN the EU army with PESCO

Now to remove all nuetrailty they want Eire in the communist controled UN securty counsil

I heard it on RTE news today

I am sending letters ASAP to tell all Provisional TD to fire Higgins from Office

copy of letter to varios provisional TDs in the Royal Oireachtas 


President Higgins needs to be fired ASAP if he continues to lobby for inclusion in the UN Security counsel letter sent to Higgins office
24 Apr at 14:52
Re telephone call to complain president of Ireland Higgins in UN to lobby for position in UN security counsil.
I  Diarmaid O Seigefriede Sovereign of EIRE  today 24th april 2018 upon hearing the RTE 1 o  clock news that Higgins who claims to be in the office of  PROVISIONAL president of the 1926 king George the 5ths Royal Oireachtas 26 county PROVISIONAL Irish government  based in Lienster house  is lobbing to make Republic of Ireland south a member of the UN security council is now making himself exceed the wishes  of the Irish peoples  who declared in the irish Constitution that Ireland is to remain a neutral country .
The wishes of the Irish people to remain neutral took a hammering when Ireland joined behind our backs the PESCO the EU army .
If Ireland joins the UN Security counsel it will join the biggest well armed war mongers in the planet Brittan France China Russia USA  the 7 members of the UN security counsel .This will make Ireland neutrality non existent  and make Ireland a  legitimate target in nuclear war exchanges between the big powers .If PROVISIONAL Irish President Higgins want to make peace he cannot succeed to rub shoulders with major nuclear powers while having a  ability to use a UN VETO card .Whatever Higgins intentions are he needs to stop it now .Cease and desist the lobbing to join the nuclear club of the UN security counsel.If he continues this lobbing policy I as sovereign  O Seigefriede declare he is fired from his office for exceeding his office and destroying Ireland's Neutrality .
Also there is nothing to celebrate in the UN for Ireland's involvement in the UN actions outside Ireland .The Irish defense forces are no longer Irish defense force when they leave the shores of EIRE .A defense force is not a  ARMY and doesn't have a ministry of war like British ARMY or other armies have .Under the Geneva convention when a defense force like the Irish defense force leaves Ireland as a military force armed they are in effect a mercenary army .The Provisional Irish president   Higgins should declare  to the UN today that the Irish mercenary forces are being recalled to return  to barracks in EIRE and will no longer work for UN activity world wide
PASS THIS ONTO TO THE PROVISIONAL IRISH PRESIDENT Higgins ASAP so he can reverse his stupid activity that could destroy Eire,s neutrality
 Sovereign Diarmaid O Seigefriede ( so over the reigns) commanding the civil servant PROVISIONAL president Higgins is to cease and desist the attempts to join the UN security counsel or I as sovereign am declaring he fired from the office of Provision Irish president to the  Royal Oireachtas of Leinster house
copies being sent to as many Provisional Irish TDS asap
The Taoiseach must be informed immeadity that Higgins and the Royal Oireachtas are to cease and desist the action the action to Join the UN security counsil and (tell their real boss Covney who does Bilderberg demands  and his globalist cohorts that this is bridge too far )

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