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Police whistleblower John Wedger (ITNJ Seating)

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I saw ths a few days ago but didnt have time to post it in TIR

The CID Scotland yard policeman exposes the industrial scale grooming and raping of children for sex and how the UK police know all about it but from highest levels the police shut down any investigation of the problem .

Basically the UK is a pedophile Nirvana  for them the police and the UK social welfare family  sections will aid and abet the UK rape gangs who use Children for sex to make them profits.

We must assume that Ireland south has a similar system of allowing pedophiles to have access to Irish children through  TUSLA and HSE and Garda and other government  organizations


i totally agree with you diarmaid,   and yesterday Tusla chief executive admitted " Tusla does not always learn from mistakes"     we are talking about young vulnerable boys and girls here,     and again no one will lose their job, or their fat wages or pension, it just beggars belief


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