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'The Fight Against Usury'

Posted by Kevin Kelly on September 20, 2017 at 13:04 0 Comments

'Cracking the Code'

Posted by Kevin Kelly on September 20, 2017 at 12:03 0 Comments

Hi peeps,

Can't find the old thread, anyhoo  i would like some input from the good people on here.

I got the these posted to me last year.

Followed by this

Now i knew nothing about this so i looked it up online and yes a 13bn book of mortgages was sold by the UK Gov that bailed out troubled Northern Rock a few years back who i had the original 'Mortgage' with to an American investment firm.

Since then the direct debit has changed name to 'Landmark' and a £10 increase to boot :(

I've had two more letters from Landmark since but have RTS them.

Thanks to this site i would have been none the wiser that i have been possibly been deceived not once but twice..

So Landmark have been taking money from the account without my consent, even though i have no contract with them. I have not even replied to them..

I don't want to continue to be robbed in this manner and would like to put the payments they are taking atm and put them to one side and maybe used one day for something else or if it goes awry i can give them back to them.

I know i need to contact the bank to get the ball rolling but would like some of your thoughts on this matter from the great minds on here :)




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Contact the Hub in Dublin

thanks xD


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