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 In this time there are over 2000 religions. Four main ones. One most populated on the planet which has 2.2 billion people following it. The second has 2 billion. There are one billion that don't even believe in  a God. 

  One path thinks God is alien. One thinks It is a person, like Jesus or Buddha. Neither ever said they were one REALLY. Most people follow their programmed ego idea. One path thinks they are one with God. One even thinks they are God. Religions, New age movements, Cults, and many false paths all leading people away from any true idea of what God is or even could be.

  We have the whole UFO world waiting for aliens to come an help us. Many Christian paths are waiting for Jesus to return.  Many are going out killing for their idea of God. Woman being abused for some men's God.

   I will debate anyone on their idea of God for everyone I ever talked to have a big ego about God. Like they know something. The only thing billions of people WANT TO THINK and think they know God is loving being and watching over them. Really?

  How many people have any idea of what God is thinking? Why It allowed different races to come here. I suggest there are many reasons God put people here but man doesn't know one. They go on believing they are here to make the world better. Just looking at the world you can see that is one big lie after another. 

  Man Creates the perfect lie about life and then wants everyone to follow it. When it comes to living life they talk about living in the moment like they can live in any other. You will always think about the past and dream about the future but does any of that help? I will add little fact the rich people are creating their truth about what the world should be. You can see by looking at the world it is a pretty sick idea. Why Jesus said many times it is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle then a rich person to get into the real heaven. I am not talking about the astral world for everyone goes there for awhile before most will reincarnate. Not in the way they think either. Again just look at the world and you can see that is s far from the truth. 

  I did not even get into little Gods, angels and demons, 

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