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  Hi vin,

  may I have your email address, we recently received an order to vacate our dwelling by the sheriff,  I can email you a copy,  you recently said you had never seen an order with "dwelling" on it

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Can you post up copy for the rest of us you can black out names  adress etc just to know what is in the pipe line

I myself am not in the same legal eagle mind as  Vince but having listened to many of his material and material from others who  explain this legal stuff it requires best as I can tell  understanding of the words each word and the words used with each word

The first thing for me is it a letter (NOTICE = small talk not legal  ) from the Sherri f office using a fake HARP  which claims they have received warrant for POSSESSION   for a ADDRESS  and a DWELLING and a HOUSE . .There exist several possibilities the most likly is the court order IF THEY REALLY HAVE IT as they claim is  court order for  a ADDRESS or HOUSE but unlikely to be for a DWELLING  as the court system for my knowledge has NO JURISDICTION over a DWELLING as per the Irish Constitution the DWELLING  is protected from  STATUE law or ACTS  .

However the Sheriff  can and does lie and gets his 6% commission for taking possession of the house so if he thinks adding the word DWELLING  will help you leave the HOUSE he will LIE  and write it onto a mumbo jumbo NOTICE

Thats my interpenetration of it

However nothing to stop you going to look the court service papers to see the WARRANT if it exists see is BONA FIDA proper court STAMP EMBOSSED PAPER  stamp with correct real human signature which state DWELLING on it ( If the court services will let you see such a thing )

Have you been to court hearing case with so called  Judge where they said they will issue this possession order?

I assume  you did the special offer which Vince always said was more of a way to buy time than a final solution

There is web link to courts in Wexford

I suspect its all maky uppy non legal per stuff and standard court warrant not legal without court stamps  probably a fake court case held with solicitors in back room the courts hired out to them  and because its all  possible its not legal papers will use bluster force and local  Sherri f  greed to gain the  HOUSE usually convincing you to walk out of the house .

ALSO it is KBC bank who have proved they will use force break all laws of the republic of EIRE  as in  BALLBRIGGAN  attempted eviction  event . This time they seem to be trying to use local Sheriff to do the dirty work ..Sunderland is the selling agent  for fire sales  and risk to get real bad publicity for this attempted eviction  future  event  but can be replaced with another selling agent

Run down to the court and see does such a WARRANT exist  would be my advise and even try the county Sheriff first  to see this warrant (not local Sheriff  first ) and you might fin d the County Sheriff admits no such warrant exists ( sometimes the county sheriff office  is better quality civil servant )(  If possible film all inquiry's  as each word in their LEGALESE can be the difference between being able to sue these aggressive parties  them if they lie ) I will PM you my Whats app shortly .Will try to find more info

thank you diarmaid

One might not pay a fee, for a 'copy', as if, for example, one put in a 'money order', someone might stamp something and tell you that they would have the judge sign whatever, the following morning.

MAybe if an office worker was to hold sommat up to the glass, and one took a snap of it, that might satisfy curiosity, if one was feeling lonely and wandered in for a general chat.

Just a thought. Sometimes, it's good to share experiences and thoughts.

Last weeks Wednesday show out of the bag with Sean  included interview with Vin where he explained the wording " Dwelling House "

The interview showed that where you use the two words together it cancels out the term Dwelling  as Dwelling house is not a Dwelling  but another thing roughly translated means a "potential dwelling " such as empty house might become a Dwelling when people start to live in it  but until people live in it is is only Potential dwelling .

Its the fact these guys like the sherrif pay thier legal peoples  who are legal word Ninjas and  they as the native Indians of the USA would say white man speaks with forked tongues  as in getting  getting more than two meaning from the same words .

peace is war war is peace

To  get the pod cast look up Sean McQuire  the Out of the bag show  28th  march at 9pm

ok,  thank you,  i will do that asap

To some extent the sheriff is writing to non existent persons who don't live in the potential dwelling to tell them he coming to take possession of the alleged empty house potential dwelling  .

You see how this works for the sherrif its not a dwelling he is dealing with. and there are no real people he is dealing with he is it seems telling a alleged  empty house he is coming to take possession of it

It might require some sort of refute of the allegation that the house is not a dwelling as alleged that i dont know or it might require ignoring this NOTICE as not relevant to you the dweller . Not sure which case is the best to consider to utilize or if there is other better solutions that might return to sender

I asked the Sheriff  :

I also wish to know forthwith, does the Office of Sheriff, operate under the constraints of the 1937 Constitution of Ireland, specifically Article 41.1 and Article 40.5?

If you are going to attempt or even countenance performance upon invalid paperwork we will legally and lawfully prevent you on every front, including damages for operating outside of office, and including & not limited to reliance upon section18 of the non-fatal offences against the persons act 1997;

Interesting logic hope it can work for you

Best I can tell is the office of Sherrif does not exist in Irish Constitution and therefore everything they do is illegal

It seems they operate under the old british colonial laws

Unfortunalty the Treaty of 1926  agreed to adhere to all treaties the British did in the past  bith for Ireland and the Crown  binding Ireland to respect all british laws such as common law .

So the thorny problem is the office of sheriff  and its actions the result of some deeply embed treaty  action the signatories of the 1926 treaty agreed to some few men like Collins agreed to that so we didnt sign that contract so it doent apply to us but the Gombeens of the Lienster House 1926 Royal Oireachtas 26 county Provisional Irish government have chosen to  agree to its use legally or illegally  depending your legal abilities to figure the legal basis the Sheriff office operates under .

The problem  I suspect is the  very act to ask what authority does the Sheriff operate under is some sort of admission of agreement that  the office has legal basis from the ability of humans to recognize the existence of the Sheriff.

Sometimes certain  activities although not written down and probably not legal under treaty or Constitution because they have been practiced for many decades have set up in effect a Quasi  legal basis because nobody nipped the practice in the bud .Because the Irish Justice JUST US  system is basically British legal system  it tends to mean the Judges don't work for the Irish peoples interests but for their own greedy cash requirements to make profits for Justice Ireland  Incorporated meaning often challenges to iffy legal practices are accepted as new laws due to many decades of practice .In theory they should not be accepted but in practice is tends to be a crap shoot some challenges work for the Irish peoples and some get shot down in flames  . A challenge to the office of Sherrif might buy you extra time .I cant say as unlike people like Mr T or Vin the finer points of the law I don't know but have seen how the more legal minded PIR with court experience explain and  show how these legal challenges are often double edged swords in the crap shoot gallery of Irish/British court legal system of gombeen controlled Ireland.Inc .

With Question letters it best to only ask one question per letter  and wait for reply ( if they ever reply )

Keep us posted how that works or doesn't work for you if you choose that line of action  there might have already been successful challenges using that logic of looking at legal authority of Sheriff office that I have not heard about

With letters sent to the legal system like the Government or similar  it is as the pod cast said that Vin said only one QUESTION per each letter .

Then wait for reply to each Question from each letter sent (if they ever reply )

Keep carbon paper letters copies of each letter sent  and best to hand write each letter

Often they reply with we received the letter and will reply in good time and then bin the letter it seems  after they make photo copy of the letter then claim they never got original letter and say they only got the photo copy

The Civil service system is obliged to reply only to LETTERS they receive phone calls emails  and other stuff like photo copies  doesn't it seem exist in their system . The other ploy is to say ring us to discuss the subject and they can any lie they want on the phone as that isn't written proof . Sometimes they just choose to to never reply to the questions and even getting gombeens from gombeen HQ  Leinster house provisional Irish Government provisional TD's to ask about the  letters lack of response will also be ignored with denials they ever got the letter  and the photo copy is what they got so it doesn't require a reply.

It might be useful strategy to say on the bottom of the letter in such a way they cant cut of the bottom of the letter " you do not consent to them making any replication or mecHNICAL  copy of the letter " and write the same material   on both sides of the letter so they cant say the back side of the letter is blank so they cant reply to blank page and inform them you retain a carbon copy of the letter

Its very hard to outwit these serpants with many decades ability to not reply correctly to written letters


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