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Been looking for ages for a sliced pan without soy flour. I reckon our bread has been weaponised along with our water.

Finally found one selling at the Corrib Oil petrol stations. The ingredients are listed as: French Wholemeal Flour, Water, Yeast. " Manufactured by Heffernan's Bakery Claremoris on behalf of Corrib Bakery."

I don't know whether or not mains water is used, so I could be avoiding gender confusion for mental confusion.

BTW I have no connections whatsoever with Corrib Oil or Heffernan's Bakery.

While I'm at it, I know a guy locally who rears his own cattle, slaughters them, and sell the meat from his shop or online. The cattle are fed mostly barley to ready them for slaughter instead of meal with GM soy beans in it - as is the usual practice among beef farmers here.

The cattle are also walked over to the abbatoir on site instead of being loaded up on a lorry and transported to a factory. This way is very much less stressful for the animals.

BTW I've no connection with Gilligan meats either.

Yours in attempting to eat proper food - Kimberly

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EEEKKK I didn't know toxic soy was in Irish bread .

Thanks for that info and the meat info
I know a farmer who feeds his cattle according to the Organic schedules is that as good as the farmer you know or is it just a con job .It means that farmer has less animal per acre than normal chemical rich and GMO rich Irish animal farmers


Hi diarmaid. I'd say that there's pros and cons to both farmers method of production. My local friendly farmer isn't organic but the cattle are fed barley and some maize that he grows himself and they are out on grass for a good part of the year. It's a big advantage that he has his own abbatoir on site. The organic farmer may be feeding organic meal with soy beans and they may not be out on grass much, but at least you know he/she wouldn't be using roundup or anything like that on the land and use of antibiotics, doses, etc. would be minimal - a lot of organic farmers use homeopathic remedies.

I think the best thing is to get to know farmers and talk to them about the way they do things. In my experience, a farmer likes nothing better than to talk on and on about farming.

True Farmers can talk all day about farming its in thier blood

I dont eat any bread wheat rice grains oats for some years now

The modern wheat is very hybridised and full of gluten which attacks the gut lining .
There does exist anchient Heir loom type wheat from 2000 years ago they grow it still in North spain but its costs twice as much as normal wheat .The problem is the communist controlled EU directs that all wheat and grains must be sprayed with insect killer one day before harvesting .This means all wheat in Europe will be mixed and crushed to make flour with Insect killing chemicals inside the flour ..Humans not being Cows are not designed to eat wheat or grains of the grass family .Then Humans are not able to digest wheat so well unless it has been first fermented for some time .The fermentation will break down the wheat flour into more digestible stuff humans can eat and reduce the gluten content further .Then modern bread is cooked Quickly where old time bread was cooked for long periods .The cooking breaks down the gluten and other stuff that create problems for humans eating wheat or any of the grass family heirloom seeds and fermented and long cooking is the rule . The big problem is that there are several times the grains are sujected to Insect killers .Roundup which is popular is toxic to all life forms as it basicaly strips away metals from the insects or animals or humans that eat it .Thatys because Round UP was first made to clean metal oil pipe lines .Oil has many heavy metals that corrode the pipes in the pipe line .They flushed round up down the pipes as it strips away loose metals from the corroded pipe lines so they can restart the oil pipe line with clean pipes .The round up was thrown onto grass and they saw it killed insects and weeds .So they started to use round up to stop insects .However when we humans eat the roundup it steals away from us metals we need to survive .For example Magnesium is needed for 106 bodily functions .No magnesium we die . low magnesium we get very sick .Other metals like Iron and Zinc are vital for humans . Then when Wheat is in storage they add another insect killer fluoride to the wheat . So our fluoride content we get in Ireland is increased not just from water but from many food stuffs like wheat subjected to Fluoride treatment .Then many breads are given extra Bromide content . The Human needs iodine and does not need bromide .The problem is that Iodine and Bromide are similar so the human system cant see the difference between these chemicals .Iodine is essential to making thyroid glands function .Bromide is more reactive and will displace iodine from the human .The results are the high bromide content will not work in the thyroid glands as correctly as iodine does . Then we get sick from lack of iodine and too much bromide . Soy is awful toxic poison the human .In the old days it was used to flavour food with a few drops so it was not a big issue .Lots of soy like soy milk or soy flour or soy margarine will make us humans very sick . Also Margarine is basically a nasty chemical that is emulsified crud and that on top of the modern bread will help humans to get real unwell .If there was ever was ever a vector to make humans sick the modern wheat and the way it comes to shops is the ideal weapon to exterminate the human race with a soft kill that we cant see except we sick children and sick parents with all sorts of weird problems .Does that sound like Ireland to you .My solution is to not eat any grains at all after being very sick for several years .Stopping the grains stopped most of the sickness not all but about 90% . In all my research about bread I never knew they added soy to the bread . That explains a few other side effects I suffered from . For others that must eat wheat then all I can say buy the wheat whole grain of heirloom family .Clean it then crush it to make flour .Then ferment it .Then cook it for long duration's .Then dont eat much a scone sized amount every day maxim and then you might not get the side effects .Much the Same solution for rice get the unpolished types clean them then ferment them and then cook them for long duration and use not very much .I choose to avoid them all but it isn't easy .If you go out to restaurant to eat the gravy and sauces will nearly always be made with flour . Foods like sausages are often 50% bread mix with meat . Hope this info can help you and others

ok, I think you might have it covered thanks diarmuid! , maybe we need more production sourdough

very good,. can anybody tell me why is is not possible to sell a product without soy!? its near impossible to buy bread without it! the long list of ingredients is a give away. if its just bread like... I would definitely support the food manufacturers that sell bread without use of it..


It is the UN agenda to poison as much food as they can so that it will help cull the world human  population from its 7 billion now down to the target of less than 1/2 billion  humans .

Agenda 2000 and agenda 2030 are all the UN mechanics governments world wide sign up too .That is the plan  to reduce humans with every method from extermination when sick to Birth control using forced abortion to local wars to whatever suitable food or bio weapon vector they can use to achieve their targets of culling the world population .

Even if Bread manufacturer wanted to supply good clean Bread they nearly always would be stopped from doing that with red tape .The manufacturer is often hit for not following all the additive rules which makes the bread legal to sell in the communist controlled EU.. yes sometimes they can get around the rules but often the cost is so high the punters wont buy the expensive product .

Realistically we the people world wide and in Eire are on our own against a huge machine determined to to soft kill us .

It applies to everything vaccines, Food , water , cleaning chemicals ,plastic food wrapping  bottles, furniture ,cloths . you name it .

All object will be treated with suitable licensed chemicals that are often the most toxic chemicals they can find not the safest to speed up our demise .

The only way to reduce your risk is grow your own food collect and filter your own water and learn where are all the nasty chemicals to be found .You cant stop all  the chemicals that come to you from the Sky's from aircraft spray Chemicals or the raft of chemicals that motor cars give off in cites but you can reduce many risks with knowledge .

It is simple everything in this planet that is made in large factories is often including chemical or bio weapon to make you sick. that is  so they can  make money from your illness before they reduce your life time as much as they can get away with .

look the cancer rates going orbital world wide when 100 years ago Cancer was rare even for adults  and extremely rare in children .Now every second kid is autistic dying from something allergic to many foods  and often vaccine damaged with ADHT you name it

Simplest example those dark T shirts made in China are made with recycled  cloth material that is so full of toxic chemicals it is great way to make your kids very  sick .The Cheap Furniture and carpets in your home often give off nasty chemicals you breath in daily .There are solutions to these problems but you need to know the facts before you can find the solutions .

I regret I cant supply all the solutions only tell you who makes the plans and how they implement them

Going to your local provisional Irish TD to complain a single person is often going to met with ridicule as they too often eat and bathe in the same chemicals unaware there is even a problem.

However notice the Gombeens Lienster house did get water filter to remove the toxic  fluoride from their water but didn't do that for every DWEELING  in Eire when they put water meters into your gaff .

Simply put they the Higher up powers to be that think they own and control the world  know full well that the chemical SOY is toxic to humans

Some how SOY got a  big brown envelope world wide to get  top class  pass in the health food system as very good food for humans to eat .

Look the advert baby formula with added fluoride.Baby water with added fluoride .Plastic teeth toys for babies made from often the most toxic plastics . Start them young as possible on toxins and kill them off younger and younger every year if you can get away with it all licensed as safe for your children to consume

Same logic for all food stuffs

Hope that helps



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