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I wonder if people can share their exp or knowledge. I returned to sender eflow notices and now received a something in a window envelope addressed to the strawman maybe from the Solicitors. I have a label on it now to rts, it just arrived this morning. I know I am not obligated to open it as it is not exactly addressed to me personally, however I now wonder. Am I putting something off here, will they keep coming back I wonder, will they understand my non understanding. Has anyone had dealings with these people before? I did not respond to eflow notices as I did not have money for registered post to sack notice at the time so I just put the label on and rts. Any previous experiences etc. would be appreciated as I am wondering should I be communicating in some way with these solicitors, not really the sort of people to give up I'm thinking. 

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best I can tell from others who wrote here they will always keep coming back.
However i cant see through windows .Accepting this type of letter is joining in postal fraud a serious crime .
Some UK operators add on to the RTS a extra line something along the lines of "recorded for postal fraud demands " on outside of envelope.

Best rule of thumb they need the victim to recognize them and communicate before they can get subject mater jurisdiction. Me personally i don't feel lonely and don't want to play their game so ignoring them is the way i tend to go on all postal demands .

Other have chosen to communicate and do document and verify the obligation in terms of prove i am a commercial vehicle subject to these charges
There is some thread on that subject.

Often when they get to solicitor level letters the solicitors are on percentage .

Most people panic when they see solicitor and pay up .
others ignore them
Many solicitors then look the cost to go against the non payers and decide to throw in the hat as it will cost too much and take too long with no grantee of getting the cash.
There are many ways to skin a cat and my preferred method is RTS .
Others have other solutions but whatever solution works is all that matters even if all the solutions work.

Keep us posted


Thanks, RTS method has been working like a charm since this post. Have RTS anything not directly for me. In relation to windows, does anyone know or think the RTS is just for when name is in all caps or if its a window they would RTS regardless. I think that's what Diarmaid is saying. Does anyone have exp of white window envelopes without capital letters? I'm thinking the RTS method should be the same? Has anyone had an experience where how the name appeared (in the window) made a difference?

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