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2. The Censless

This year we are being asked to complete a census form by the government. Normally the census is carried out every 10 years and we would not be due another until 2021, 10 years after the last one in 2011, but for some reason the State decided in 2014 that we needed another one in 2016.
You might think this is to compare the statistics with those from 1916 as some kind of exercise in historical demographics, but there was no census in 1916. The previous one was held in 1911.

So why the need for another census so quickly?

Most people think the census is about statistics and ‘counting heads’ but it is not!
For one thing, maintaining the population records should be an easy enough procedure. The state has birth and death certificate records so it should be a simple enough exercise to work out how many people there are : someone is born .. +1 ; someone dies .. -1. I don’t think it’s necessary to send out a form to me to see if I’m still alive...
Similarly: someone comes into the country .. +1 ; someone leaves the country .. -1. A primary school child could manage that level of mathematics.
Some people think the census is about demographics and information about population profile.
In 2011 I was a man. Five years later I’m still a man. Someone transitions from male to female .. Men -1 ; Women ... +1. You get the idea.
My date of birth hasn’t changed so you could potentially take my age in 2011 and add 5 to get a fairly accurate figure for my age now. It’s not rocket science.

So if it’s not about statistics, what is the census about?

Let’s to back to the beginning ... what is a “census”?
The etymology of the word reveals that census comes from the latin verb ‘Censere’ : To Assess. This is interesting because it has nothing to do with ‘counting’ necessarily.
From The Oxford Dictionary: censusˈsɛnsəs/nounnoun: census; plural noun: censuses
Origin early 17th century (denoting a poll tax): from Latin, applied to the registration of citizens and property in ancient Rome, usually for taxation, from censere ‘assess’, ‘appraise’ or ‘give an an opinion’. The current sense dates from the mid 18th century.
cēnsus m (genitive cēnsūs); fourth declension
  1. census, a registering of the populace and their property
  2. A register resulting from a census.
  3. (poetic) Rich gifts, presents,

So what is the census an assessment of?

The census is an assessment of persons, assets, property and wealth of each household. Its modern form dates from medieval times, when Kings assessed their country’s means in terms of fighting men and taxes that could be levied to finance war.
A poll tax, also known as a head tax or capitation, is a tax of a uniform, fixed amount applied to an individual in accordance with the census (as opposed to a percentage of income, or any proxy for ability-to-pay). Head taxes were important sources of revenue for many governments from ancient times until the 19th century. They have also been used in the past, notably in the United States, to disenfranchise minority voters. In the United Kingdom, poll taxes were levied by the governments of John of Gaunt in the 14th century, Charles II in the 17th and Margaret Thatcher in the 20th century.

Ireland 2016

So now we understand what a census is, how does that apply to Ireland in 2016? Well, we’re not at war obviously (he says tongue in cheek knowing that Ireland is facilitating the US war machine with operational support through Shannon Airport, sorry, Shannon Airbase).
Speaking of the US war machine, here’s something you may or may not be aware of but certainly should be!
The processing of the census is being aided by CACI UK, whose parent company provided interrogation services in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison between 2003 and 2005.
A spokesperson for the CSO said that CACI UK is a subsidiary of CACI International and that only the UK company is involved in Census 2011 (and 2016). CACI UK will design and print the census forms, and provide “the hardware and software required for the scanning, capture and coding of the census forms”.
Not only was CACI involved in supplying “technical services” and personnel to Abu Ghraib prison for the US military, the company has been indicted for war crimes, human rights violations and torture of prisoners:
So a US Military Defense Contractor, indicted for war crimes and human rights violations (that is worth repeating) is going to “scan, capture and code” your private and personal information. How satisfied are you that a company like that will respect your date privacy rights...??
Taxes ... Fund ... Wars.
It’s where taxation started ... and where it continues today.
This year we will be asked for information regarding the age and size of the dwelling, how many bedrooms there are, whether the household has access to a PC and if there is a broadband connection.
What interest does the government have in knowing if you have a PC with internet or not? Well, if you volunteer that you have a PC with internet access they will be able to calculate how much tax they could generate by imposing a BROADCASTING CHARGE for receiving transmissions to your device. This would, on the face of it, replace the TV License ... but there is nothing to stop the government imposing this charge IN ADDITION to your TV license. (Incidentally...worth checking out TOTAL NON-COMPLIANCE (Pt1) if you haven’t already
There is more information required relating to your house also...potential additions or increases in PROPERTY TAX.
There is information required on the people in the household and the number of bedrooms. This is particularly sinister as it will no doubt allow the government to BLAME elderly couples still living in three or four bedroom houses for the homeless problem. The elderly will be targeted for possession of their homes to “help” solve the GOVERNMENT’S! housing crisis.
It is also perfectly conceivable that couples or single parents in social housing with ‘excess’ bedrooms could be removed from accommodation to make way for larger families. A single mother in a two bedroom apartment could be taken out so that a couple with 2 children could be moved in ... and the government would spin through the State Bullshitter RTE that “the housing crisis has been improved drastically with the numbers of homeless reduced by half” ... while the actual problem doesn’t change at all.

Taxation Is Theft

We are paying more tax than ever before but things seem to be getting worse. Public services are deteriorating at an alarming rate: WATER, ROAD and RAIL infrastructure, the HEALTH service, EDUCATION, FRONTLINE SERVICES, HOUSING...
Where is the money going?
The census will cost FIFTY FOUR MILLION EURO. Add this to the EIGHTY EIGHT MILLION EURO spent on water meters recently, FORTY FIVE MILLION EURO on 1916 commemorations, FORTY MILLION EURO on an election that failed to produce a government, more than likely necessitating a SECOND election at ANOTHER FORTY FOUR MILLION EURO ... that’s a total of TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN MILLION EURO ... or MORE THAN A QUARTER OF A BILLION EURO ... on what?!
Why are we spending this kind of money on things that we have nothing to show for when families are sleeping on the streets, in shelters, in temporary accommodation and parked cars!!!?? That money could have already made the necessary change in Rent Allowance Caps or Purchased Properties for homeless families. If Vultures are buying apartments and houses for knock down prices of perhaps €100k, the government could already have bought more than TWO AND HALF THOUSAND PROPERTIES for homeless families!
Where are the priorities? What would Pearse, Connolly and Plunkett say of this shameful waste of resources and what is nothing short of the state’s ABANDONMENT of its most vulnerable children?
With NAMA giving away properties to foreign vulture funds, excluding Irish investors from access to property and the financing of these purchases by WRITE-DOWNS of debt REFUSED to the mortgage holders ... this spending and waste is a FRAUD and EMBEZZLEMENT of public funds .... YOUR TAXES! There is no housing crisis!!! ... The properties are there and the money is there. GOVERNMENT IS THE ONLY OBSTACLE!

Follow the Politicians’ example.

If none of this sounds reasonable then perhaps you should simply follow the example set by our politicians, your representatives, and not bother to make the required declaration. #in case you’ve forgoten or missed it, there was an RTE exposé on the NON-COMPLIANCE of our elected public officials with regard to their Declarations of Interest which are required under the rules of the Oireachtas. So if your TD can’t be bothered or doesn’t feel the need to complete his forms, why should you??


We have few ways to influence political opinion.
The Water Boycott is the single most important factor in influencing present party politics and more boycotts of this type are the only thing that will influence public policy going forward, especially when our politicians are so EU-sycophant and behave like Europe’s trained dogs.
By refusing to comply with the Census you have the opportunity to prevent the state creating more bullshit made-up taxes. You are not a statistic. You are not a source of funding for the elite. You are a PRIVATE CITIZEN of IRELAND. If the State respects that they should not enforce the census UNDER DURESS!
Be #Homeless4aNite in support of those abandoned by the State and stay out of your home on April 24th ... thereby being unable to be included on the census form
Don’t facilitate the US Military War Machinery and CACI who are linked to torture and rendition.

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