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British say hint hint nudge nudge there will not be hard north south Irish border after Brexit because ???

Yes the muppets in Ireland and the Irish media won't get with the plot why would the British government make a hard border with North South Ireland after Brexit ???? Because they don't need too hint hint nudge nudge because ??????

Listening to the FM 106 FM august 18 2017 at 18:35 emission they keep to say what are the British government smoking there can't be what the British say friction free border after Brexit because south Ireland will be in the EU and the UK won't be so much laughter from the media guests in that media outlet.

Good stuff what the British government is smoking they don't know reality ha ha says that media outlet

So British government get with the plot the British government is bonkers to say there can be a open north south Ireland border the British want everything to remain the same after Brexit and it can't possibly be the case.
Our media experts say so much as king so and so said the I command the tide to not come in as shedueld in six hours

The harsh reality is when Brexit goes down then ROI will also be evicted from the EU if you study the treaties .

When was the last time these poxy idiot media talking heads in ROI ever studied a treaty of any sort .
What look dried animal skin with ink marks on it are you bonkers talking heads don't do treaties they do talking barf and other crap no way they do animal skins

So there will be no hard border for North South Ireland and the BRITS ARE SHOUTING IT

FROM THE ROOF TOPS but the talking heads don't listen

The muppets in ROI media won't listen to the reality ROI is gonna be evicted from the EU because not one media expert has studied the real issues or any treaties or even asked experts on treaties how it all works after Brexit

However the British who have the world experts on treaties know the real story and can say we told you so but you don't read between the line or even bother to read the lines you shoot the gob off without to think .

THERE WILL NOT BE HARD BORDER BETWEEN SOUTH IRELAND and North Ireland or Scotland Or wales Or England BECAUSE the treaties say so if you bothered to look the treaties

The muppets in Irish media and the rest will listen in two years time when the gombeens of the Lienster house declare ooooppppppps there is problem HUESTON were screwed The treaties have BANJAXED our EU gravy train

South Ireland is going to have to leave the the EU because we are attached at the hip with older treaties to the UK and also means we are part of BREXIT and welcome to BREXIT south Ireland welcome home to LONDON RULE

Then the Irish rulers and thier FAKE irish media with taking heads who tell you where you went wrong when it is too late can tell the ROI people what a treaty is

Lesson one 101 of treaties skins animal and write ink marks on it what every body agreed to roll it up seal it with wax and forget about it until it comes to back to bite you on the butt because you forgot about it

British don't do forgetting about Treaties .British do unrolling forgotten treasties and lunching on your butt at some suitble future date when you least expect it ,and your butt is fully exposed for lunch

The Irish media will eat craw you did not listen to what the British government said in August 2017. There will not be hard border between south Ireland and north Ireland after BREXIT BECUASE the south Ireland is part of the British isles treaty zones that voted to leave the EU
Tough dung you did not look the treaties that told you that so you also out of the EU south Ireland

Diarmaid O Siegefriede

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